In by Kerry Howard

PsychNEXUS is an e-Health platform that facilitates the delivery of therapy, including REMDR, in a secure and HIPAA compliant web-conferencing system.
You can add PsychNEXUS to your REMDR program, or you can choose to use REMDR within your own network. PsychNEXUS can be used independently to deliver confidential therapy sessions in an online environment for an individual therapist for a small monthly fee.

Are you thinking of relocating and are concerned about the impact on your practice and having to build a new referral base? PsychNEXUS can give you greater flexibility in delivering your services. PsychNEXUS allows you to provide remote services to your clients, no matter where you are in the world. It provides you with a complete lifestyle flexibility, whilst increasing your income, by allowing you to see clients who are sick or unable to leave their home or office for their appointment. Clients can now connect with you to receive therapeutic support wherever you, or they, are.