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EMDR Therapy is Well Recognised

We know that EMDR Therapy is Level 1 treatment for trauma, but did you know that most of the International EMDR Associations have also recognised EMDR Therapy that is delivered online can be just as effective as face to face therapy.

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The Way We Deliver Therapy Has Changed Forever

REMDR Supports You To Continue To Deliver Therapy

REMDR provides you with ultimate flexibility to deliver EMDR Therapy, either face-to-face or online.

There are ten colours, eight different eye-movement patterns, two different audio click styles or twelve bilateral music tracks in addition to tactile (vibration) stimulation that you can control remotely (online)!

REMDR is the World's First and Most Advanced Digital EMDR Therapy Tool


REMDR facilitates ‘real time’ BLS – no delay from shared screen or other internet delays.  Our application is hosted in the world’s leading servers for speed and security.  This ensures that you experience the fastest internet capabilities possible, ensuring that the bilateral stimulation does not experience any delays.

We offer THREE different modes of bilateral stimulation – Eye Movement, Tactile (Vibration) and Auditory (Music and Clicks).

REMDR is able to be used in your office as a light bar replacement, or you can deliver remote EMDR Therapy securely over the internet.  This capability means that if you need to switch to an online session instead of seeing your client face-to-face (for any reason) the processing is seamless.

There are a variety of ways that you can access REMDR across the room from your client, utilising a variety of equipment that you probably already own – like computers or even a television set.

Unlike a light bar, you are not limited in the variety of eye-movements that you can deliver with REMDR.  You are not ‘stuck’ with just using horizontal movements.

With REMDR you have eight different patterns including – horizontal, vertical, diagonal (both directions), infinity in two styles and circular movements that move both clockwise and anti-clockwise.  In addition you have a variety of colours – red, blue green, orange, yellow, white, pink and violet.

With REMDR you have ten speeds that are matched to Hz rates – to support the delivery of the most effective speeds (according to research).  You can also adjust the size of the 3D gradient ball.

You can choose to overlay the eye movements with a variety of audio inputs – clicks or bilateral audio music tracks and you can add tactile stimulation in line with other BLS inputs.  REMDR provides you with the maximum level of variety to suit you and your clients.

There is a lot of misinformation about research into online therapy delivery and around EMDR Therapy in particular.  There have been a number of research projects that have been undertaken that indicate that online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy, and it’s potentially even more effective.

There is no doubt that more research needs to be done.  We will be building the capability into our application to facilitate the seamless collection of de-identified data, to support us to easily demonstrate the effectiveness of online EMDR Therapy.

At PsychNEXUS we continue to develop the next generation of EMDR Therapy digital solutions, as well as incorporating other effective therapy solutions. After several years of growth and sharing with the EMDR international community, we continue to look for ways to improve through research and contribute to the success of EMDR therapy around the world.

The benefits of using REMDR over a standard light bar may not be obvious to many people – but there are great number of benefits, including the ability to seamlessly transition to delivering your therapeutic services via a different modality at short notice.  Which is especially helpful if your clients are unwell or delayed due to traffic.

With REMDR you will never again have to lose the income from a client due to the variety of reasons that clients will rely on to cancel an appointment at the last minute, because you can always see them online when needed.  What’s fantastic about this is that for the client, the therapeutic experience is seamless.

Cher Anderton, one of our long term users from Seattle, Washington recently experienced ‘first hand’ the benefits of using REMDR in her office when she suddenly had to transition her practice online due to the impact of COVID-19.  Rather than seeing the downturn that many other therapists experienced, Cher reports that she had her biggest month ever in March.

“For my clients it was a seamless transition!  I use this program via a television monitor in my office, as you suggested to me several years ago.  As a result – there was no major change for my clients to working online or in my office.  It’s fantastic!”

Seamless Therapy Delivery

As REMDR can be used when delivering face-to-face therapy as well as online, your clients are able to seamlessly transition between modalities in therapy and achieve the same wonderful results that they achieve with EMDR Therapy.

In addition, many clients report that the use of a screen affords them less distraction from either the therapists hand movements or the imagery behind a light bar.  We use REMDR in our offices with a curved monitor, thereby reducing distractions even further.

More Versatile Than A Light Bar

Offering much more than horizontal movements, REMDR allows you to save the potential pain and discomfort that you can get from using your arm/hand to facilitate EMDR Therapy, whilst still offering you the flexibility to utilise all of the varying directional changes that can assist with the progression of therapy.

What's even better, our unique technology ensures that the transition between directions is seamless - ensuring that you stay 'out of the way' of processing with EMDR.

Everything You Need In One Program

We are investing and developing world leading solutions to support you, your business and your clients.


Therapists love the way our platform has improved their lives...

  • Julia Cull, Senior Psychologist
    Julia Cull, Senior Psychologist -

    I am a trauma psychologist of many years experience and because of this, I am not a digital native.  Technology is not something that comes naturally or easily to me.  It is something I've had to learn late in life.  Nevertheless, I have been working with REMDR for the past two years, supporting clients online. This has been tremendously rewarding with fantastic outcomes. 

    REMDR allows me to continue to deliver EMDR Therapy remotely and clients adapt to it easily.  Assistance is available quickly and easily with the dedicated support staff promptly should you need it.  If you are considering taking your business online given our current climate of COVID-19, I suggest you add REMDR to your practice.

  • Simon Pannell, Senior Psychologist
    Simon Pannell, Senior Psychologist -

    REMDR has increased my flexibility in delivering EMDR therapy to clients in more ways than just being able to treat clients online – which is an enormous leap forward in itself. With the array of devices and data speeds out there, plus of course countless individual client preferences, REMDR’s versatility and options in setting BLS rate, colour and size gives me real choice that I can demonstrate to a client and quickly overcome any concerns they might have about receiving EMDR on whatever screen they have. It’s so easy to use, stable, and highly adaptable, it leaves more mainstream non-hand delivery systems in its wake.

  • Keira-Marie Allen, Psychologist
    Keira-Marie Allen, Psychologist - I have been using the REMDR platform for several months and have been pleasantly surprised with how user-friendly and adaptable it is. REMDR allows me to control how bilateral stimulation is delivered to my clients, making changes as I observe their tracking in real time remotely.  REMDR's shortcuts are easy to remember and allow for immediate changes to what the client is experiencing.  I also appreciate that REMDR continues to have regular updates to improve functionality. Being able to deliver remote services has been beneficial for my practice as it reduces the amount of sessions that are cancelled or rescheduled due to client illness or mobility issues.  I have been surprised at the effectiveness of delivering EMDR online, and at the range of clients who have taken to it easily.  I would highly recommend using REMDR.  It's the best online EMDR platform I have come across!

"Our state of the art innovation and training will provide you with everything you need to master the skills to support your clients now and into the future...  No matter what the world throws at us.

- Kerry Howard, Creator and EMDR Consultant

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