BUNDLE – PsychNEXUS + REMDR for Windows (REMDR Paid as one off sign up fee)

In by Kerry Howard

REMDR is a digital platform that is designed for the EMDR therapist to be able to deliver EMDR Therapy in your office, from home or anywhere in the world.

Would you like greater flexibility in how you deliver your services?
Have you ever thought about relocating, but were concerned about the impact on your practice and building a new referral base?
Now that fear can be reduced as you are able to provide remote services to your clients, no matter where you are in the world. Providing you the ultimate in lifestyle flexibility.
In addition, you will never again need to lose income as a result of a sick client, or the inability for someone to leave their office and travel across town for their appointment. Now your clients will be able to access your services wherever they are.  Also, this means that if your clients relocate to another area, they can still access your therapeutic support in the future, if they need it.

The global delivery opportunities of REMDR means that your therapeutic skills just expanded to a place you could never have thought possible.