How Effective Is REMDR?

There is strong evidence that psychological therapy can be delivered effectively through online treatment, including EMDR.

In some research trials, online therapy has been found to be as effective in reducing symptoms as therapy delivered face-to-face by a clinician.  Evidence is particularly strong that anxiety, stress and depression can be treated online.

Research has also shown that online therapy, including video conferencing, allows the client to maintain and build a satisfactory rapport with their therapist, the same way they would through face to face treatment.

Download our Case Study that was presented at EMDR Europe 2018.

Is there anyone REMDR is not suited to?

REMDR is not for everyone. While some people love the idea of online therapy and the potential it brings, others still prefer to have an in-person approach with their therapist.

Some clients may not feel confident in using new technology and trying to navigate a new program may cause some distress.  With the sliding adaptability of the REMDR platform, you can assist your clients to overcome any anxiety by working with your clients to understand the program in person first.  You can use this technology in place of a light bar in your office, this familiarises your clients to the system.  This will allow the client to feel comfortable with the technology and how you will be using it before commencing online treatment.

REMDR or other online treatment is not recommended for severe forms of mental illness, such as psychosis.  However, technology is slowly progressing to utilise technological approaches to treatment of severe mental illness.  Generally, online approaches to treatment are less suitable for people experiencing immediate crisis.

The use of REMDR to treat clients remotely has shown to be just as effective as the face-to-face therapeutic outcomes of EMDR therapy.  Further research is currently being undertaken to validate this hypothesis, however the recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the need to adopt the use of technology immediately.

How Secure Is REMDR?

When using REMDR , it is the most secure to use your personal office Wi-Fi network.  This allows you to have the most control over who has access during the REMDR session.

Once you start to deliver online therapy sessions, there are many things regarding client security you will need to consider.  Depending on which country you practice within, there may also be criteria you are required to meet.  With our partners at PsychNEXUS, you no longer need to be concerned about meeting these requirements.

PsychNEXUS provides REMDR clients with a HIPAA compliant platform that is easily utilised to deliver online EMDR therapy through video conferencing.  Whilst there are several programs available for video conferencing with clients, these do not all provide a fully secure system, that also meets your professional obligations and requirements regarding client confidentiality.

In many countries, therapists are utilising Skype, FaceTime or even Facebook Messenger to deliver online therapy.  However, it is important to note that whilst there are many 'FREE' services that provide a cost-effective and convenient way to deliver this service, they do not provide the appropriate encryption required to provide a secure environment for your clients therapy session.  In most cases, choosing a HIPAA compliant platform (such as PsychNEXUS ) will assist you to minimise the security risks when treating your clients remotely.  Through our partnership with PsychNEXUS , you can access a HIPAA compliant platform as an individual therapist at a cost-effective price.

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