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How is REMDR different from the other apps for online EMDR?

REMDR has been designed as a fully ‘therapist controlled’ remote application.  There is not an app on the market that allows an EMDR Therapist to remotely control the speed, input and functionality of EMDR Therapy that REMDR can deliver.

Since launching the new REMDR application early to support therapist’s through COVID-19, we have taken a few weeks to achieve full functionality.  The REMDR app now includes fully customisable visual BLS (trajectory, colour, speed), audio BLS (clicks or music) and tactile BLS integrations.

We are still continuing to refine REMDR and upgrades will continue to be ongoing.  Your purchase includes all planned future functionality.  You will never have to pay any extra for upgrades.  It is a ‘live’ app and all members get access to every new feature as soon as they are implemented.

We have found that the reliance on client’s generating their own bilateral stimulation has a tendency to interrupt the flow of the EMDR Therapy session.  In particular, the ‘self-stimulation’ elements can result in the client not remaining focussed on the negative cognition and other elements required for processing because they are concerned with whether or not they are ‘doing it right’!

In addition, as with many things that first appear foreign to us, as human beings we can learn to quickly adapt.  So, we wonder how long it will be before clients who are receiving therapy in this way begin to feel that they can actually ‘process’ their own trauma and don’t need the support of a therapist.

REMDR ensures that you are able to maintain your business in the long term, by keeping the therapist doing what they do best – delivering therapy!

Is REMDR compatible with Mac and Windows alike?

Yes – REMDR is now a web application that runs in your internet browser window.

Is REMDR compatible with my own video conferencing platform?

Yes – REMDR runs completely independently of any video conferencing software. Each new REMDR session has a unique session url for the client to copy into their browser, to view the BLS in real time!

Is there training provided about how to use REMDR?

Upon purchase, a complete user guide will be provided. Further to that, our friendly support staff are happy to help with any issues you may have.

How does the client view REMDR?

We have just released our 'remote access' update - which means that both the client and therapist are able to view the same REMDR screen in real time, via a direct url link. The therapist will simply open a new REMDR session, and copy the client link url at the top of the screen and share it directly with the client for them to view.

Will I be able to see the client while using REMDR?

This will depend on your video conferencing platform. However, since REMDR now runs completely independently of the video conferencing software, it is just a matter of adjusting the window sizes. If you use PsychNEXUS - you can adjust the size of the image to suit yourself - it's a simple drag on the video window.

Can multiple therapists use one licence?

At this time, we only have individual licences available. This means that only one therapist can use each login.

Do I need a BAA for REMDR?

REMDR as a standalone is just a web application that does not store any client information at all - hence a BAA is not necessary.  If you were to use REMDR with any video conferencing provider, then they would need to provide you a BAA.

Am I able to trial REMDR before I commit to buy?

Customers will automatically receive a trial period of 7 days on any standalone REMDR licence purchase.

Help! I'm trying to reset my password and it's not working?

Please make sure you are using Google Chrome anytime you try to access REMDR. If you still haven't received the email please try resetting your password from an incognito tab. Failing both of these things, please contact us



Can I receive a copy of the BAA?

We have finalised our BAA which will be sent out to anyone who purchases a PsychNEXUS subscription along with their subscription confirmation email.

I already have a Zoom Pro account, can I continue using this?

Please note that a single 'Pro' licence with Zoom is not HIPAA compliant.  PsychNEXUS has a BAA with Zoom that allows all members under PsychNEXUS to have access to a HIPAA compliant Zoom. If you provide us with an email address that is associated with a zoom pro account, you will be invited to switch over to PsychNEXUS and should be given the option to get a refund of your paid account balance.



How do I cancel my subscription?

Please contact our support team to cancel your subscription.

Is there a multi-licence discount for therapists from the same practice?

At this stage, we do not have a multi-licence discount. Feel free to let us know if you are interested in this becoming available in the future.


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